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Unleash the excitement with our Holdie World™ Dog-Gos. When tails wag and mischief is afoot, an unlikely hero takes charge of law enforcement. Sporting a safety helmet and shiny badge collar, Officer Dog-Go fearlessly takes the wheel of justice. When the day is done, Dog-Go Officer loves to park in their garage box, ready to play again tomorrow.

· Made from a wool blend with embroidered features, nestled in a classic car with wooden wheels.

· Fixed collar and removable helmet

· Designed for little hands age 3+ to play

· Doubles as a beautiful nursery decoration

· Packaged in a collectable (and recyclable) gift-ready garage box

· Garage-themed box is designed to unfold and use as a pretend play prop

· Encourage imaginative play

· Mix and match! Cars also fit Holdie Folk drivers

What’s Included

· Holdie Dog-Go Officer & removable helmet

· Holdie Dog-Go police car

· Sturdy cardboard garage with magnetic closing door