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More of us than ever are reevaluating how and where we live, eschewing disposable culture for a simpler life. Living Wild tells the stories of those around the world who have made the leap into the unknown, offering an intimate glimpse into what it means to live closer to nature.

The impact of climate change and the pressures of city life--not to mention the life-changing events of the last few years--have left manyof us dreaming of a simpler existence that benefits the environment and resets the mind. The lifting of restrictions, including travel, has meant that many are now able to look for a more meaningful and sustainable way of life. From a family who relocated to the remote Australian Outback to a couple who live and work in a van in the Scottish countryside to an artist plying his trade from a yurt at the foot of the Teton mountain range in Wyoming, Living Wild explores what inspired them and how the move has impacted their families and livelihoods. From tackling the daily challenges of living off-grid to minimizing waste and growing your own food, this volume will be inspirational reading for anyone who aspires to live more sustainably.