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As coral is a natural product, prices will vary based on size, shape, colour and appearance. 



As a peace of mind, we guarantee that all our Coral is sustainably harvested under the strict control and legislation of Queensland Fisheries and CITIES. 

As pioneering coral harvesters in Queensland since 1957, we focus exclusively on the sustainable wholesale supply of fast-growing and abundant white coral specimens, harvested from the Great Barrier Reef. We work in close collaboration with senior fishery managers and scientists from Fisheries Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to ensure that coral harvesting will be a sustainable fishery well into the future.

To achieve this we voluntary commit to a Stewardship Action Plan that is responsive to adverse natural events such as bleaching, cyclones and crown-of-thorns damage. We are also represented in the working group for the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017-2027, paving the way to ensure a world-class fisheries management system.  

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