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The Alfonso Ring is a golden signet, featuring an etched figure of a dog in a naîve art style, whose band is adorned with green hybrid stones on each side of the face.

The stones are set in a backless bezel setting allowing the light to shine through. Animals of all kinds play an important role in our lives, none so much as dogs. Olivia’s own dog is a standard poodle named Alfonso, and this ring is a tribute to his playfulness, loyalty, and friendship. The name Alfonso means “noble and ready” and there is no more appropriate name for the special companions in our lives.


18K Gold Plated

Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique, which we believe is what gives it its beauty. 

Dimensions & weight

Dimensions: Face - 1.2 cm x 0.9 cm, ring band - 0.3cm-0.9 cm.