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Introducing the delightful A-Z of Australian Animals Lowercase Puzzle from Koala Dream, a captivating wooden set designed to immerse young learners in the rich tapestry of Australian wildlife! This beautifully crafted puzzle features 26 wooden lowercase letters, each painted in a delightful Sorbet pastel rainbow palette, infusing the learning experience with vibrant colors and joy. Discover the wonders of Australian fauna with this engaging puzzle set! As children explore each letter, they'll uncover a delightful surprise a charming Australian animal peeking out from beneath every lowercase letter. From A to Z, each letter showcases a different iconic creature, meticulously hand-painted and waiting to captivate young imaginations. To enhance the educational journey, the name of each animal is thoughtfully written alongside its corresponding letter. This addition not only helps children identify the animals but also encourages language development and fosters an early appreciation for the diverse wildlife of Australia. Crafted with care by Koala Dream, this wooden puzzle transcends typical playtime, it's an immersive exploration of Australia 's unique biodiversity. Encourage your child's curiosity and language skills as they engage in a joyful quest to discover, recognize, and embrace the enchanting creatures that call Australia home.