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Dive in and look beyond the surface. Immerse yourself in nature. Feel the waves lull you into a sensory stillness, as you revere the sun glistening through the water from above. Tune in to the sounds of the sea to soothe and centre, as the saltwater washes the outside world away. Enjoy the gentle habit of feeling present and in awe of the beauty of nature.


Clean mask in warm fresh water for a few minutes after use to avoid corrosion.

Mask can fog up with change of extreme temperature.

Avoid using soap or detergents.

Use soft glasses cloth to dry face lens.

Avoid drying face lens with abrasive materials such as towels.

Keep dry after use.

Store out of direct sunlight.

Be mindful of what items mask is stored with. Store away from hard/sharp objects.

Avoid contact with black/dark rubber items to reduce risk of colour transference.