As a small family business, creating our own little community has always been our ultimate dream. Our hope at Common Circus is that from the moment you find yourself here, you feel like part of the crew. Whether you’re one of our beloved regulars, a dedicated online shopper or a lost tourist who has literally stumbled across us by accident, we will embrace you with the occasional (and definitely over-the-top) high-five, somewhat awkward banter and of course, coffee!

Maybe you’re a fan of our ability to keep you caffeinated or a self-proclaimed homewares addict… regardless of which category you fit, you belong here!

We find that serving coffee isn’t about memorising your order but knowing your child’s name and their favourite toy animal. Helping you choose your favourite bed linen is the perfect excuse for us to have deep and meaningful’s in the hope we might score an invite to your family BBQ (hope that’s OK).

Community is not just part of who we are, but the very reason we exist; so that anyone and everyone would have a warm, fun, safe and slightly crazy environment to call home.

36 Brooks Parade, Belmont NSW 2280

Monday through Friday 630am - 4pm
Saturday 7am - 4pm and Sunday 730am - 3pm

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